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Since our trip to Ireland in 2012, I have been sending out trip reports during and after our travels. These started because Diane broke her ankle in Ireland and I began writing home on a regular basis describing how she was doing and where and how we were traveling, including a few pictures in each report.  At first it was just to family and neighbors, but other people asked for reports on future trips and added their friends to the list so that now the reports go to about 250 people. Many people have asked to have access to them on a website and I am delighted that I finally found a way to include the reports just as they were mailed.

The gold buttons are reports that have been uploaded and the grey buttons are reports that will be uploaded in the future.  The button will take you to a page where you can view the reports in order.  Be sure to select "actual size" after you open to get the sharpest images.  

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