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About Notecards and Prints


Pretty much any of the pictures that you find on this website can be made into note cards or prints. However, over the years, I have created sets of note cards which may make your choice easier. You may also mix and match cards from any set or order multiples of a particular card.


When you scroll down this page you will see images of all the card sets I currently offer.  

For a set up fee, note cards can also be custom created with a special message you wish to include on either the front, the inside or the back.

All note cards and prints are Giclee prints and are individually printed by me on Ultra Premium Matte Paper or 60lb. premium coated card stock.  The inks used are Epson Ultra Chrome Inks which won't fade for 75 years or longer. 

Standard Size Note Cards

4.5" x 5.5"

Note Card Set - $10.00

5 cards + 5 envelopes in a gift box

Individual Custom Note Cards - $3.00 each

Large Note Cards

5" x 7"

Note Card Set - $20.00

5 cards + 5 envelopes in a gift box

Individual Custom Note Cards - $5.00 each

Note Card and Print Prices


All prints are mounted on black foamboard cut to the standard picture frame sizes shown below. They are designed to be displayed without glass which will greatly increase your enjoyment of the photographic print.

Small (8x10 frame) - $10.00

Medium ( 11x14 frame) - $15.00

Large (16x20 frame) - $25.00

Order/Inquiry Form

Order/Inquiry Form

You may use ​the form below to order cards or prints or simply to ask me questions.  As you scroll through the card sets, if you see something you wish to order, use a nearby "Order Form" button to return here and enter the entire set name or the set name and position (1-5, right to left and top to bottom as shown in the first page of animals).  Please be sure to use the complete set name as shown at the top of the page.  If you wish to add more to your order, you may continue to browse, return and add to your order form.  As long as you stay on this page, you will not lose what you have written in your order form.  If you go to another page without sending your order form to me, you will loose everything you have written.

An Important Note About Receiving Your Order

This is NOT a commercial site.  The purpose is primarily to share my pictures with folks who might enjoy viewing them.  Diane and I travel quite a bit and if I am not at home when you send me an order, I won't be able to print your order until we return home - if the printer is still working!  If I am at a place I can receive e-mail, I'll try to acknowledge your order and give you an idea when I will be able to print your cards or pictures.  If you don't hear from me right away, we may be someplace with no access to e-mail.  

No payment is due until you receive your order.  If the order is to be mailed, then that cost will be added to the charge. 

Thanks for your understanding.  

Pictures of Note Card Gift Sets

Below are pages showing the available note card sets. The back of each card includes information identifying the photograph and when and where it was taken. I can print any of these pretty quickly if we are not traveling and the computer and printer all behave.  You do not have to order cards as sets.  You may mix and match or order multiples of a single card.

You may scroll through all the gift sets, or you may use the buttons below to quickly jump to card sets which might match your own interests.

Pictures of Note Card Gift Sets


1                                                2






4                                                5

African Birds
Old St. Andrew's
Christmas Cards

Place Holder

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