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In the Fall of 2015, Diane and I took our second trip to Africa.  We traveled with Sam Fried who had arranged for a tour with Rockjumper Tours.  The trip was entirely in South Africa and covered a lot of interesting habitat.  We not only hit the well known spots like Kruger National Park and Capetown, but we went to a lot of smaller, lesser known areas that were excellent.  In Mkuzi Game Reserve, we had one day where I took over a 1000 pictures.  We left on October 24 and returned on November 19.  That included a week we spent on our own in an AirBNB home on the Cape of Good Hope with friends Suzanne and Steve Davis.    I hope you enjoy looking through these reports.

1. Click ONCE on the icon.  The report will open in a new window

2. CHANGE the menu at the top of the page from "Automatic Zoom" to "ACTUAL SIZE".

3. Doing this will improve the text sharpness and picture quality. 

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