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In September of 2013 we flew to Portland Oregon for a month long journey through the Northwest.  We spent a day in Portland visiting the open air market and enjoying the architecture and fountains. That evening we had a wonderful dinner with Christine and Mike Mallar (Christine is Steve Underwood's daughter). The next day started with a new experience for me - a photography workshop run by Road Scholar.  It did what I had hoped in that it took us to a lot of interesting places along the coast.  The leader was Mason Marsh (, a photographer in the Oregon area who is known among other things for his dramatic long exposure shots.  The participants ranged from beginning photographers to pretty experienced ones.  The nice thing was that we were free to wander around the sites we visited and photograph on our own.  We didn't have to stay in a group.  Following that program, we headed out on our own, driving inland over the mountains that run north and south down the center of Oregon.  After a visit to Crater Lake National Park, we drove north to the Columbia River, followed it back to the ocean and crossed into Washington State driving up the coast to Olympic National Park.  Our final stop was a visit with friends Sharon and Otis Gillaspie.  We met them in the San Juan Islands where we spent a delightful couple of days.

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