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This is the first set of Trip Reports which I ever sent out.  In May of 2012, we visited Ireland .  We went because our friend, Edie Doherty, had a daughter who had recently begun working for the State Department.  Christy and Chris and young Liam had a house in Dublin and we were graciously invited to use that as a base.  Our niece, Colleen Marquart was going to spend the summer in Italy, so we arranged for her to spend the first week of our 4 week trip with us.  After Colleen left we headed along the coast of Northern Ireland on an intended trip all the way around the Emerald Isle.  But right at the northern tip, while testing a bicycle for rental, Diane fell and broke her ankle.  The seat fell off the bike because it hadn't been put in far enough.  As a result, I sent out the first report.  It only went to family and neighbors and it was designed to let these folks know what had happened.  Since I had some extra time sitting around the hospital, I decided to also edit and send along some pictures from our trip.  People responded to the mix of pictures about the trip and news about Diane in such a positive way, that I decided to continue to send reports on our next trip to Newfoundland, later that summer.  It continued to be well received and have now come to be expected and additional people asked to be included, so it's now up to about 250 people that get these reports. 

1. Click ONCE on the icon.  The report will open in a new window

2. CHANGE the menu at the top of the page from "Automatic Zoom" to "ACTUAL SIZE".

3. Doing this will improve the text sharpness and picture quality. 

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